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A New AMG Sport Range Is Gearing Up To Rival Performance Cars

Mercedes-Benz AMG Sport 5

Mercedes-Benz plans to develop a new AMG Sport range to rival the performance cars like Audi and BMW Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to introduce a new AMG sub brand to tighten up its competition with performance divisions of BMW and Audi. It is likely to be a c450 AMG Sport which will arrive among the […]

When a 903bhp McLaren Isn’t Hot Enough

McLaren P1 GTR 28

The Track-Only McLaren P1 GTR Produces 986bhp and Costs £1.98m McLaren has revealed its first official image of the new McLaren P1 GTR. It is seen as faster, more resolute and track-only version of McLaren’s P1 hybrid HyperCar. This GTR will cost £1.98m and production begins next year. It will make its debut at the […]

The Volvo XC90 Gets New Groundbreaking Safety Tech

Volvo XC90 City Safety With Auto Brake 23

Volvo’s Vision 2020 Sees New Innovative Safety Technology Volvo has released full details on the safety and parking assist systems that will be fitted to the forthcoming XC90 luxury SUV, set to debut later this year. Volvo claims that the seven-seat SUV will be one of the safest cars on sale powered by world’s two […]

The Amazing Audi A7 Ultra Reviewed

2014 Audi A7 Ultra 22

Efficient Audi A7 Ultra gets power boost The Audi A7 Ultra is a very attractive prospect. It has lower emissions, better fuel economy and reduced running costs but this doesn’t impact the car’s creamy-smooth performance. It is easily the pick of the range due to its tweaked styling, improved gearbox and competitive price. The Audi […]

Jaguar Land Rover Set To Reinvent The Virtual Windshield

Virtual Screen Display 18

After see through bonnets in Range Rover, Now JLR has introduced a virtual windshield Every new day sees more advancement in technology and automobiles are more flexible to absorb change. Jaguar Land Rover is working on these advanced technologies to make their off roader more sophisticated and they have previously made a see through bonnet […]

BMW & Mercedes Team Up On Wireless Charging System

Wireless Car Charging Technology 17

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are working on the wireless charging technology that they hope will be adopted as standard in the future Normally we read about the competition between BMW M-Series and Mercedes performance Coupe, but today we will see the element of friendship between these rivals., Mercedes and BMW aren’t ‘one upping’ each other in every segment, […]

Bentley May Offer Its Bespoke Coach-Building Services Again

Bentley Mulsanne 95 11

Bentley Considering Going Back To Its Bespoke Coach-Building Roots Bentley’s sales and marketing chief Kevin Rose says he “loves the idea” of the British manufacturer going back to its pedigree of offering a bespoke coach-building service for customers who want a car built to their own design. Such a move would be repeat of the […]

Jaguar Land Rover Powers Up The New Ingenium Engine Family

JLR Self Learning Car Prototype 10

JLR Reveals New Technology Jaguar Land Rover is slowly but surely releasing information about future engines and technology that could be fitted to future production models. JLR is going through a major product overhaul and these new engines and tech are all features that may even appear on production cars within the next 12 months. […]

The New Vauxhall Corsa to Offer New Ground Breaking Tech

OnStar Tech 8

Vauxhall Corsa Gets new OnStar Tech The new generation Vauxhall Corsa will be equipped with GM’s hi-tech OnStar communications system, according to GM Europe President Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann. The new OnStar communication tech provides lots of benefits. They already have 6.5million customers on subscription basis across North America and China. It works through the latest […]

Porsche Getting Ready To Take On Ferrari 458

2014 Porsche Boxster 7

Porsche sets its sights on the Ferrari 458 Porsche is working on expanding its strong line-up with addition of four more cars. This new fleet will include a new eight-cylinder supercar targeting Ferrari 458 and a four cylinder turbocharged version of the Boxster. The new flagship model has been internally named as ‘988’. What it […]