Say Hello to the New 2018 Audi Q8

Audi Q8 Concept 2018 25

The Audi Q8 is almost here; this is what we know now about the new luxury SUV so far The Audi A8 will be the new addition to the Audi’s range of luxury A cars and will be based on the same platform as the Q7, albeit with a sportier bent. Q8’s wheelbase is the […]

2020 Will Be the Year of Self-Driving Technology

Tesla Model S 2016 18

Cars with self-driving attitudes are expected to create huge progress by the end of this decade Despite the cloud of doubt forged over autonomous vehicles following the Tesla Autopilot incident last week that killed the owner of the Model S, it is expected that driverless technologies will see a boom in the coming decades. Citing […]

Tesla Owner killed in Florida Car Crash

Tesla Model S 11

Tesla owner killed in a Model S crash with tractor trailer was watching movie while using cars autopilot It is not the first accident in the United States in a self-driving vehicle, but it was the first causality indeed. The owner of the tesla model S died in the result. The owner of the Tesla […]

Carmakers Made to Rethink After ‘Brexit’

Brexit Leave EU 1

Auto Manufacturers are Predicting an Uncertain Future for Britain Following the Brexit Vote to Leave the EU Carmakers are hoping the UK is able to negotiate a more suitable trade agreement with the rest of the EU in the wake of the Brexit vote. The UK automotive industry could face a drop in sales and […]

The Audi A4 Reviewed

Audi A4 2016 29

The Audi A4 has a Powerful Engine Audi, the German automobile manufacturer, has long been known for its stylish and luxurious vehicles. New Audi offers cutting edge technology, more space, reduced weight and more productive engine and is a serious competition for the adversary and is a lavish feast for all the car lovers. The […]

The Best 7-Seater Renault Diesel Engines is…

Renault Grand Scenic 2017 24

Smart, Intelligent and salient features of Renault Grand Scenic that others hardly offer in the market Why Renault Grand Scenic engine is so appealing?? Let’s have a look and start from the style. It’s a fully equipped Renault Grand Scenic which was the first car of its kind in the MPV line-up. Space efficient and tall […]

Audi A3 Gets a Facelift and Revved Up Engine

Audi-A3 Facelift 2017 20

The 2017 Audi A3 Facelifted Audi A3 has gone through a mid-cycle refresh for the year 2017. Gear up for the all new Audi A3 which gets its refreshed look from the facelift and a high-performance engine for its latest models. At the international launch event, Audi unveiled five models for the upcoming year and […]

Nissan’s 400-mile Range Zero Emissions Vehicle

Nissan Zero Emission 17

Nissan unveils plans to give a realistic 400-mile range with NO CO2 emissions First Ever Nissan has revealed plans for the world’s first ever bio-ethanol fuel cell car, which will mix natural gas and ethanol with oxygen to produce electricity which will directly power the front wheels. The Process The fuel is either 100 per […]

Amazingly Economical New Volvo T5 Hybrid Engines

Volvo XC40 Concept 13

The New Volvo’s T5 engine beats the tough diesel emission standards Last month, the CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson has revealed that they have decided to reveal new three-cylinder T5 plug-in hybrid engine powertrains next year. The new three-cylinder T5 plug-in hybrid powertrain is said to minimise the count of diesel cars Volvo produces as […]

Sporty Looks of New Renault Twingo GT

Renault Twingo GT 8

Renault reveals more power Twingo GT with extra 19bhp Finally, Renault has revealed its new sporty look Renault Twingo GT with improved Renault Engine specs. The new and hot city car is powered with additional 19bhp and an upgraded chassis and sporty exterior. This sporty look Twingo GT will debut at the Goodwood festival of […]