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Ferrari is now American

Fiat to sell Ferrari 30

Ferrari’s ex chairman Di Montezemolo said after he resigned – “Ferrari is now American.” Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has shocked the auto world by revealing plans to sell off supercar maker, Ferrari, in an attempt to generate revenue for its €48 billion (£38bn) turnaround plan. This announcement by FCA generated titles such as “Ferrari is for […]

Trion Nemesis a 2000bhp Hyper Car will Take on Koenigsegg and Bugatti

Trion Nemesis 2000bhp 22

American Automaker Trion Supercars will start production of its 2,000bhp Nemesis Hyper car in January 2016 California-based company Trion Supercars will launch its Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg One: 1-rivalling Nemesis in January 2016. Currently under development, the Nemesis is hoping to put an end to the European dominance in hyper car market. Trion was founded […]

Ford Mondeo 2014 Finally Hits the Road

Ford Mondeo 2014 14

Finally! Ford Mondeo hits the road as tech-fest, more mature and refined car The Ford Mondeo is the best ever car produced by Ford and has been worth the wait because it is mature and refined than ever before. It is modern, elegant and driver’s darling car but it has lost something in the new […]

Elon Musk – Tesla’s Showman reveals ‘the D’

Elon Musk Reveals D 13

Tesla takes the wraps of ‘the D’ • A Smart dual-motor Model S can be ‘summoned’ remotely • It goes from 0 to 60 in just 3.2 seconds • The saloon will have a top speed of 155 mph After a week of guessing, Tesla Motors charismatic boss Elon Musk has taken the wraps off […]

An Insight into the 2014 Ford Mondeo

2014 Ford Mondeo 11

Inside story of the 2014 Ford Mondeo The new Ford Mondeo was definitely worth the wait. It’s much more mature and refined than its ancestors. It has a modern yet familiar feel, but it has lost a good deal of its driver’s car character. It used to be the sharpest steer in the class but […]

UK Set to Become Less Cleaner Thanks to EU

Hydrogen EV Station 9

EU Shelves Official Targets for Number of EV and Hydrogen Stations The EU has shelved proposals for a number of hydrogen filling stations and electric charging points that member countries must install by 2020. The UK was facing a 64,000 EV charge point shortfall, but that is not a problem anymore as the proposals have […]

Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘provocative’ Numberplate Causes Fury in Argentina

The Controversial Jeremy Clarkson 3

Jeremy Clarkson offends Argentina with Falklands war numberplate stunt Jeremy Clarkson has landed himself in hot waters again and this time Argentinians are at the receiving end. Clarkson was facing the anger of Argentinians on Thursday by driving through the country in a Porsche with the number plateH982FKL which is a possible reference to the […]

Audi Takes The Wraps Off Of Its New TT Roadster

Audi TT Roadster 2

The third Generation Audi TT Roadster will go on sale from November Audi has revealed that its new third-generation TT Roadster will go on sale in UK from November, and first deliveries will be in next March. It will be around £2,200 expensive than the recently unveiled third-generation TT Coupe, which is priced from £29,770. […]

Get to Know the Face lifted 2014 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V 2015 1

You will be amazed to see the performance and looks of this new wonderful car The Honda CR-V has gone a major mid-life update and in the process getting cosmetic tweaks and a new diesel engine. The four-wheel variants of the fourth-generation CR-V which have been on sale since 2012, will now be available in […]

Meet the Smart New Skoda Fabia 2014

Skoda Fabia 30

Third generation of Skoda Fabia Supermini is ready to hit the UK showrooms early next year, its bigger, muscular and smarter than ever Skoda Fabia is a popular model in UK, and the all new third generation Supermini is ready to hit the UK shores early next year. Senior exterior designer at Skoda, Marko Javtic […]