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Replacement Engines is the UK's largest supplier of replacement engines for Vauxhall Tigra. The Vauxhall Tigra engine symbolizes sophistication, exhilarating performance and cutting-edge technology. Our inventory carries high quality, low mileage Vauxhall Tigra replacement engines for sale that you are looking for. All of the units pass through exhaustive quality checks for giving high performance before inclusion in our inventory. We source you affordable engines with low mileage so that you get the best replacement engine with maximum performance.

Why Replace Vauxhall Tigra Engine

We know in these tough economic times many people could not even think of replacing their vehicle with a new one. In fact, the majority of them are now deciding to buy a replacement engine to keep their vehicles moving. Here at Replacement Engines, our experts first match your vehicle's engine code to help you find fair priced, low mileage replacement engine that sounds better for you and your budget. When it comes to reliable and high performance replacement engine for Vauxhall Tigra, we are the industry leaders. We maintain stringent quality control from inspection to testing and eliminate any little faults during the engine re-assembling process.
We provide you fully functioning, problem free engine for your Vauxhall Tigra in the UK and around the world. Our engine specialists first match your engine code and come up with a definitive solution that meets your criteria and budget. Get the replacement engine from our seasoned specialists to avoid any hassle while saving both your time and money.
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Vauxhall Tigra Model Range With Engine Codes

X14XE Engine
1400CC - 1.4 Litre (4 CYLINDER INLINE) Petrol (90 HP AT 6000 RPM) (66 kw) (1995 TO 2000)
Z14XEP Engine
1400CC - 1.4 Litre (4 CYLINDER INLINE) Petrol (90 HP AT 5600 RPM) (66 kw) (2004 TO 2010)
X16XE Engine
1600CC - 1.6 Litre (4 CYLINDER INLINE) Petrol (106 HP AT 6000 RPM) (78 kw) (1995 TO 2000)
Z18XE Engine
1800CC - 1.8 Litre (4 CYLINDER INLINE) Petrol (125 HP AT 6000 RPM) (92 kw) (2004 TO 2010)

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