Toyota C-HR Crossover Makes its Way to Geneva

C-HR Crossover 24

Toyota C-HR hybrid crossover revealed on the way to Geneva Motor Show The all new Toyota C-HR crossover will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show and you will see it for the first time in next couple of year, not exactly mentioned by the Japanese automaker. Toyota has shown a vague picture of the […]

Why We Love MINI Cooper S?

Mini Convertible 2016 22

Ever adored supermini arrives with even heart-touching looks, it is naked this time MINI has done a great job with its ever-loved Cooper S hatchback by giving it even adorable style. Now you can enjoy the topless tiny hatchback. Yes! It’s true, MINI gone wild in the U.S with a convertible Cooper S. Handy Power […]

Skoda Superb Steals the Leon Cupra Engine

Skoda Superb & Seat Leon Cupra Engine 16

Skoda Superb heats up with the new engines from SEAT Leon Cupra hatchback and excels as quieter and smoother estate The Superb excels at being a smoother, quieter and comfortable family car with exclusively refined Skoda Superb engines. The 276bhp engine is a fun to drive and an absurdly fast which is according to couple […]

BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer! A Premium Badge Appeal

BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer 15

BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer predominantly front wheel drive is a premium badge appeal BMW is famous for its rear wheel driving cars but this model is predominantly front wheel drive and maybe the second in the line-up. Being a seven seater version of the 2-series Active Tourer which was launched in 2014. BMW 220d diesel […]

Ford Fiesta Mountune 230 Injected With More Firepower

Ford Fiesta ST 2016 10

Ford Fiesta now gets more firepower with new racing upgrades from Mountune, but these upgrade can void your original Ford warranty Specialist racing tuner Mountune offers a series of tweaks with a promise to inject even more firepower into world favourite hot hatch, the Fiesta ST. Experts have already tasted of MP215 upgrade with the 33bhp […]

Subaru Levorg Getting the Spiritual Success at Legacy Tourer

Subaru Levorg Tourer 2016 8

The Levorg is the spiritual successor of the fourth generation Legacy Tourer and its six year production became the most favourite among Subaru devotees around the earth. Having the similar exterior dimension to the Legacy, the Levorg is called clever packing. It decided to have a lot of interior space. What New Levorg is all […]

Volkswagen Defeat Devices: Massive Hush-Hush Within VW

Volkswagen Scandal 3

Volkswagen’s foul play costs the manufacturer billions of dollar in fines and compensation along with several lawsuits and customer infidelity in bonus Volkswagen internally knows the presence of the cheat device and software used by large at its manufacturing facilities but they intentionally continue cheating its customers at very large scale. The secret of the […]

Why Subaru Outback is a Crucial SUV for Snow Dwellers

Subaru Outback 2016 30

Key to understanding the capabilities of the Outback is understanding its purpose-built structure If you are living in an area where you need a muscular SUV to help you go for camping, mountain biking, skiing and kayaking with your family and the dogs as well. There is nothing better to buy than a Subaru Outback […]

The Megane is Comfortable to Drive

Renault Megane Hatchback 2016 26

In case you’re searching for a family hatchback, doubtlessly that you have lots of choices. The Renault Megane hatchback is only one car to browse out of a bunch of contenders, where the Ford Focus, SEAT Leon and Volkswagen Golf have the sector licked. The Megane falls somewhat behind a portion of the opposition, just […]

An Insight into SEAT Altea

SEAT Altea 2015 22

Taking into account its sister auto, the Volkswagen Golf also The SEAT Altea is still one of the most brilliant looking little small transporters accessible in the UK. It’s productive, amusing to drive and accompanies a decision of two powerful diesel motors that offer an engaging equalization of execution and economy, so it’s shoddy to […]