Nissan Leaf is an Outstanding Electric Car

Nissan Leaf 23

It has strong features with good practicality Nissan Leaf is considered as a milestone in Electric cars There is a lot of variety in electric cars available in the market with good repute and performance; some are exceptional ones in them. Nissan Leaf is one of them. It is considered as a legend and milestone […]

Nissan Qashqai Gets Cleaner Engines Across the Range

New Nissan Qashqai 2017 5

Along with the roomier cabin, sharper styling and more than ever safety gadgets, now it offers low emissions across the range The Qashqai is just like an iPhone, I mean it is a real success for the Japanese automaker since its first launch in the UK market. It was you can say the pioneers of […]

Nissan Kick Starts a Revolution with Kicks

Nissan Kicks 24

A Latin American Affair from Nissan Nissan Kicks Targets Jeep The Nissan Kicks isn’t made for Europe yet it could be bought and sold because it’s so wonderful it stands up to rivals and is better than a Ford Eco sport and dynamically competitive with vehicles like the Jeep Renegade. Of course, slight adjustments and […]

Nissan’s 400-mile Range Zero Emissions Vehicle

Nissan Zero Emission 17

Nissan unveils plans to give a realistic 400-mile range with NO CO2 emissions First Ever Nissan has revealed plans for the world’s first ever bio-ethanol fuel cell car, which will mix natural gas and ethanol with oxygen to produce electricity which will directly power the front wheels. The Process The fuel is either 100 per […]

Toyota C-HR Crossover Makes its Way to Geneva

C-HR Crossover 24

Toyota C-HR hybrid crossover revealed on the way to Geneva Motor Show The all new Toyota C-HR crossover will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show and you will see it for the first time in next couple of year, not exactly mentioned by the Japanese automaker. Toyota has shown a vague picture of the […]

Outlandish Nissan Teatro for Dayz Concept Designed for the Digital Age

Nissan Teatro for Dayz concept 8

Nissan Teatro is a Wacky Concept for Social Media Lovers The all-electric Nissan Teatro for Dayz concept will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month. It is designed to appeal to the next-generation of drivers who are growing up in an ever-increasing digital age and is mainly focused […]

Brits Love British-Built Cars

Made-in-UK 14

  The top two British built cars are, Nissan Qashqai and Vauxhall Astra and both of them hold a position in top 10 best sellers With the total number of 33,813 units produced in only the first two months of this year, the domestic market for British-built cars has risen by 21.1%. There has been […]

What do you do if you hate washing your car? Simple! Get a Nissan Note

Nissan Note New Technology 9

Why wash your car? Get Nissan Note You know sometimes you hate washing your car and many find it a daunting task especially in winter. For all those who hate washing your car there is a solution now, Nissan Note. The Japanese car maker has developed a new revolutionary Ultra-Ever Dry Paint technology which helps […]

Top Concept Cars of New York Auto Show 2014

New York International Auto Show 22

Concept cars that turned the heads of most of outlookers and We pick five highlights from the Show 1- Land Rover Discovery Concept   From its outlook, the Land Rover Discovery Concept may not seem mind-blowing but from the inside, in terms of technology, it is matchless. It is equipped with a remote control that […]

10 Surprisingly Fuel Efficient Sports Cars Infographic

fuel efficient sports cars infographic 27

Infographic on sports cars that give the best fuel economy It doesn’t require a market research team in order to find out that with fuel prices are at  the height of inflation, fuel economy remains of fundamental significance among new-car buyers. But what if you are a speed enthusiast who wants s ‘Fast And The Furious’ like […]