Skoda Superb Steals the Leon Cupra Engine

Skoda Superb & Seat Leon Cupra Engine 16

Skoda Superb heats up with the new engines from SEAT Leon Cupra hatchback and excels as quieter and smoother estate The Superb excels at being a smoother, quieter and comfortable family car with exclusively refined Skoda Superb engines. The 276bhp engine is a fun to drive and an absurdly fast which is according to couple […]

Meet the Smart New Skoda Fabia 2014

Skoda Fabia 30

Third generation of Skoda Fabia Supermini is ready to hit the UK showrooms early next year, its bigger, muscular and smarter than ever Skoda Fabia is a popular model in UK, and the all new third generation Supermini is ready to hit the UK shores early next year. Senior exterior designer at Skoda, Marko Javtic […]

20 Cars which hold on to their Value – Infographic


20 Cars which hold on to their Value Price of any car doesn’t stay same and over the years it goes down. CAP Black Book collects market data from 1.5 million purchases from all sectors of the car industry. We present to you 20 cars that depreciate the least in UK. The list includes high […]

Skoda Gives the All New Superb a Smarter Look

Skoda Superb 2015 Review 12

All New Skoda Superb Skoda Superb has a huge following, but it’s never been the trendiest model on the road.  This is all about to change with the arrival of all new third generation Skoda Superb in 2015 and it is pleasing to the eye. Skoda has gone for a new shape, with creases and […]