Is Toyota Verso still on the edge?

Toyota Verso Cabin 25
Nov 13

The all new Toyota Verso is the successor to the surprisingly admired Yaris Verso model that was launched in the UK in 1999 and was still on sale until the late 2005. It was decided that the second generation was too similar to the standard Yaris to be sold in the UK hence for many […]

Best Cars With Diesel Engines

Top 12 Diesel Engine Cars 13
Nov 13

We have compiled a list of some of the best cars available for sale in the market which are powered by diesel engines, your comments are welcome.  

Top 10 Car with Best MOT Results

Top 10 MOT Results 8
Oct 13

MOT is an annual vehicle servicing and fitness testing process that pressurise your nerves until you hear that your most loving car is trustworthy and allowed to be driven on the road until the next test. It does not matter, how well your car is maintained and decorated and how much you believe in your […]