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As any keen driver would know, owning and driving a comfortable and well-kept car with a finely tuned purring engine is one of the best feelings in the world that is rightly described as pure driving pleasure. However, any machine that is comprised of a cluster of components is susceptible to faults and problems and the car engine is no exception. You may be able to get the fault and can have your engine repaired in no time or could be given advice by the workshop to get the engine replaced once and for all.

Replacement Engines is your one stop solution to find engine replacement cost by comparing prices and finding the best replacement engine in stock. We manage sources that stock the most dependable and trusted new, used and reconditioned replacement engines of all makes and models.


Not only we help to provide those engines in fully working condition and at their optimum but we are the most affordable platform to locate and purchase the engines as well.

Common Reasons for Engine Failure

While every driver longs for the perfectly balanced and peak performing vehicle and engine, cars are not immune to faults and problems. There could be several reasons that can result in engine failure. Normally engine failure does not happen immediately and there are enough signs that if you can read in advance, can help you to save the ultimate damage.

Overheating of your engine is a major sign of something disastrously wrong. The engine of your vehicle does not heat up unless there is some sort of blockage of the cooling fluid. Once the engine starts to heat up, the damage it causes is extraordinary. Aluminum material can begin to wrap, swell, expand and even crack and would start burning oil and coolant and eventually would render the whole engine useless.

Inappropriate lubrication can cause the engine to overheat as well as low level of oil can increase the friction and the engine can overheat.

Problems in the combustion process could also raise the levels of heat in the engine.

Oil leak could result the levels of the lubricant to stoop low and this could mean loss of friction between the components. This could cause the temperatures to rise to dangerous levels.

Wrong fueling means putting the wrong fuel in the vehicle and it is quite a common mistake. The results could be disastrous and the engine failure is so severe that it is not possible to recover from there.

Where to Find Replacement Engines From?

So, you have been told that the damage to your engine is irrecoverable and you require a replacement engine for your vehicle. These could be worrying times as the engine replacements are not easy tasks. Locating the exact engine that is compatible with your vehicle is difficult and locating the exact engine that is fully functional is even harder.

You may think that it makes perfect sense to contact your local dealership for the replacement engine as they sell brand new crate engines. But dealerships are notorious for being expensive and buying a new engine from them could cost you a fortune.

You can choose to buy a used or reconditioned engine from your local auto market but there is a strong possibility that even after days of research and searching, you may not be able to find the exact engine and even if you do, there is no guarantee that you would be able to find a fully working and reliable engine. you are hardly ever given the warrantee for the engine purchased.

There is one more way that gives you a fool proof way of locating and purchasing dependable and robust used and reconditioned replacement engine of any make or model with warrantee. Many online companies are offering the service to help you locate and purchase the replacement engines but you have to select a company that is trusted, reliable and experienced.

Your Best Choice for Used and Reconditioned Engines

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Replacement Engines has over 2 decades of experience under their belt for helping customers to find engine replacement costs and purchase the best quality used and reconditioned replacement engines at most affordable prices. We provide you the right engine at best price and can help you locate the right engine for your vehicle. We can offer you used and reconditioned engines at a wide range and mileage.

Here is how we make it happen for you. We manage one of the United Kingdom’s largest engine sellers and breaker yard owners. We allow those engine sellers after a strict check and balance system and they are required to score very high on the customer satisfaction surveys. Those engine sellers stock all sorts of used and reconditioned engines of all makes and models and are willing to provide them at affordable prices with limited warrantee available.

How to Buy a replacement Engines?

provide your accurate vehicle details, better to search with VRM, you vehicle'e reg mark, and then compare prices frm UK wide replacement engine suppliers, find the engine replacement cost, and select the best suitable engine and supplier as per your budget and feasibility. We know that online buying is not every one’s cup of tea. This is the reason that we have kept the process of buying from our portal extremely easy to understand so any one can take advantage from it.

All you need to do is enter the registration of your vehicle in the field provided and our advanced system would use the automated vehicle registration recognition system to find the exact engine that would be suitable for the vehicle.

You can be even more specific and provide make, model, year of manufacture and size of engine and we could bring the exact match for you. Our system configures the right engine for your vehicle and check the inventory of all the engine sellers. System informs the sellers who have the required engine in stock and within minutes you start receiving non obligatory quotes from the sellers. Now, you can choose according to your specifications or budget requirements.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our business model was created in such a way that providing 100% customer satisfaction became our number 1 priority. We achieve this feat by binding our engine sellers to offer limited warranty on every engine that is sold over our portal. This not only provide the customers the ultimate satisfaction but also allow them to have peace of mind and confidence to come back for more.

Up to 60% Savings with Replacement Engines

We guarantee you that you should be able to achieve up to 60% when you decide to buy the used or reconditioned engine from us. Here is how it works. You save almost 50% when you buy a used or reconditioned engine instead of a new one from the dealership and there are further 10% discounts available when you take advantage of our seasonal sales during the festive season.

Fast and Reliable Delivery Available

It's not easy in today's busy lifestyle to take the time out and transport your own engine to your chosen workshop. We understand this fact and this is why we have arranged a fast and reliable delivery system for the busy customers who are unable to pick up the engine themselves. You have the facility to know the location of your engine with the help of live tracking facility as well. This service means that you can locate, purchase and receive the engine at your doorstep while staying in the safety of indoors.