Fiat Ducato Engines Quote Comparison Service, Reconditioned And Used in stock


Fiat Ducato Engines Quote Comparison Service, Reconditioned And Used in stock

Fiat all Fiat Ducato Engine RFL Average rating: 5 4 5
Fiat all Fiat Ducato Engine RFW Average rating: 5 4 5
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
RFL Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2002-2006 £ 995.00
RFW Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 1994-2002 £ 995.00

About Fiat Ducato Engines

The Fiat Ducato is a light commercial van developed under the joint venture between Fiat and PSA Peugeot Citroën, in 1981. The Ducato came up in three generations including First generation (1981–1993), Second generation (1993–2006) and the Third generation (2006–present). Since 1981, more than 2.6 million Ducato have been made. All the engines of Fiat Ducato are robust and efficient.

Fiat Ducato Common Engine Problems:

Usually, the faults of Fiat Ducato engine may include fifth gear problem, Clutch judder issues, fuel high pressure failure, lack of power, seized-up turbo, broken turbo shaft, injector failures, ECU problems and EGR valve issues. Users may notice rough running, mechanical diesel pump issues, engine overheating, head gasket failures, failure of exhaust manifolds and gearbox issues as well.

Replacement Cost of Fiat Ducato Engine:

The replacement cost is quoted by our vendors when you compare prices for Reconditioned, Recon or Used Fiat Ducato engine, however, the average replacement cost for replacement Fiat Ducato engine is £1,050.

Types of Replacement Engines:

Replacement engines provide Reconditioned, Remanufactured and low mileage Used engines. Remanufactured engines are expensive than Reconditioned and Used engines because they are more costly and deliver better performance.

Why Replacement Engines?

If you are having issues with the engine of your Ducato, replace it. Replacement Engines is UK’s best online site where you can compare prices for Reman, Recon or Used Fiat Ducato engines. All the quotes are sent within a minute and it’s 100% free to compare prices for your desired engine. We carefully select our suppliers before including them to our database, so, every engine provided by them is the cheapest but delivers great performance. Your desired engine is just few clicks away from you, just compare prices for replacement Ducato engine and get the best engine with Replacement Engines. 

What about Warranty?

Warranty is the most important factor while purchasing an engine. Obviously, we give warranty for every engine replaced. Remanufactured engines are given more time for warranty, generally, because they are superior type of replacement engines. Usually, the period of warranty for Fiat Ducato replacement engine is six months but confirm the accurate time from our vendors.


Fiat Fiat Ducato Engine Fiat Ducato Average rating: 5 4 0