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Replacement Nissan X Trail Engines for Sale

Nissan all Nissan X-Trail Engine QR20 DE Average rating: 5 4 895
Nissan all Nissan X-Trail Engine QR25 DE Average rating: 5 4 0
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
QR20 DE Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol N/A N/A 2000-2008 £ 895
QR25 DE FF Engine 2.5 Litre 2500 cc Petrol N/A N/A 2000-2008 £ 0

Nissan X Trail Engines

The Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover manufactured by the Japanese automobile maker, Nissan since 2000. The Nissan X Trail comprises of three generations namely, First generation (2000–2007), Second generation (2007–2013) and the Third generation (2013–present). The X Trail has smart styling, solid and spacious cabin and athletic engine and is similar to Qashqai.

Common Problems with the Engine of Nissan X Trail:

The common problems with the engine of Nissan X Trail are as under:-

Diesel turbo problem, Gearbox issues, Engine smoking and vibrating, Engine overheating, Difficult to start when cold, Fuel consumption and oil leakage issues, Shuddering at cruising speed, DPF warning light issues, Lack of power/black smoke from exhaust and Rough idling.

What about the Replacement Cost of Nissan X Trail Engine?

The average replacement cost for Nissan X Trail engine is £2,449 but the exact price will be quoted by our suppliers when you compare prices for replacement X Trail engine. Remanufactured engines are expensive than Reconditioned or Used engines being superior in performance and costs.

Replacement Engines will Find You the Perfect Engines within Your Budget:

Replacement Engines is the best platform where you can get the best engine which suits your car and pocket as well. Replacement Engines is an online site where you can compare prices for Remanufactured, Reconditioned and Used Nissan X Trail engines and it is absolutely free. After you compare prices for Nissan X Trail replacement engine, the obligation quotes are sent within seconds. Replacement Engines will get you the best engine for your X Trail at excitingly low prices.

Warranty for Replacement Nissan X Trail Engine:

Surely, the warranty is given for Nissan X Trail replacement engine. The replacement cost and the period of warranty for Nissan X Trail will be quoted by our sellers when price is compared, however, the duration of warranty for Nissan X Trail replacement engines is between six months and a year but confirm it from our sellers. Warranty depends upon the type of replacement engine you choose. Remanufactured engines are offered with greater warranty than Reconditioned or Used engines. Compare prices for Nissan X Trail reconditioned, Rebuilt and Used engines and get the cheapest engine with tremendous performance.


Nissan Nissan X-Trail Engine Nissan X-Trail Average rating: 5 4 0