Cheap Prices For Vauxhall Combo Engines, Supplied and Fitted


Vauxhall Combo Engines for Sale, Cheapest online Prices

Vauxhall all Vauxhall Combo Engine Z12XEP Average rating: 5 4 1100
Vauxhall all Vauxhall Combo Engine Z14XEP Average rating: 5 4 1100
Vauxhall all Vauxhall Combo Engine Z16SE Average rating: 5 4 850
Vauxhall all Vauxhall Combo Engine Z16YNG Average rating: 5 4 950
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
Z12XEP Engine 1.2 Litre 1200 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2004-2005 £ 1100
Z14XEP Engine 1.4 Litre 1400 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2004-2012 £ 1100
Z16SE Engine 1.6 Litre 1600 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2001-2005 £ 850
Z16YNG Engine 1.6 Litre 1600 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2005-2008 £ 950

Finding the Replacement Vauxhall Combo Engines

If you need reconditioned, remanufactured or used engines for your Vauxhall Combo, then you are just one click away from your engine. Compare prices for Reconditioned, Rebuilt and Used Vauxhall Combo engines, get the quotes absolutely free online and get your Combo a quality replacement engine at affordable cost. Our suppliers are carefully selected and they will help you out finding the appropriate engine for your Vauxhall Combo.

Vauxhall Combo Engine’s Common Faults:

The common problems with the engine of Vauxhall Combo may include power loss, knocking from top end of engine; sometimes no acceleration at all, hurdle in gear changing; EGR valve faults, sudden vibration of engine and black smoke; poor running and hard to start when cold, DPF issues and engine light problems.

Replacement Cost and Warranty of Combo Engines:

Every engine supplied by us is the cheapest and very efficient. The exact Replacement cost are quoted when you compare prices, but, the average replacement cost for Vauxhall Combo engine is £800 but it may vary with the type of engine you buy i.e. Remanufactured engines are relatively expensive than Reconditioned or Used engines. Of course, every engine fitted by our suppliers is given warranty. Usually, the Vauxhall Combo engine is given a warranty of nine months but the length may change in accordance with the type of engine.

Types of Replacement Engines:

If you are facing issues with your Vauxhall Combo’s engine, just replace it. Replacement engine would save your money and give thrilling drive but if you buy new engine, it will nip your savings. From replacement engines, you may select Reconditioned, Remanufactured or low mileage Used engines.

Brief History of Vauxhall Combo:

The Opel Combo is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle made by a German auto manufacturer, Opel since 1993. The Combo came up in three generations, encompassing the First generation Kadett Combo (Combo A; 1986–1993), Second generation Combo B (1993–2001); Third generation Combo B (1993–2001) and the Fourth generation Combo D (2011–present).


Vauxhall Vauxhall Combo Engine Vauxhall Combo Average rating: 5 4 0