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Iveco Iveco Daily Engine Iveco Daily Average rating: 5 4 325
Iveco Iveco Eco Daily Engine Iveco Eco Daily Average rating: 5 4 375
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Iveco Daily Engine Iveco Daily Engine £325
Iveco Eco Daily Engine Iveco Eco Daily Engine £375
Iveco is a leading auto manufacturer and has always presented high performance, state of the art, powerful engines with maximum efficiency. If you are searching for high quality replacement engine for your Iveco vehicle then you are at the right place. We are one of the biggest suppliers of replacement Iveco engines in the UK. We carry huge variety of petrol and diesel engines for all types and models of Iveco. As a manufacturer, Iveco symbolize sophistication, exciting performance and cutting-edge technology in engine manufacturing. In these tough economic times, replacing a problematic Iveco engines is a viable option your vehicle. Our experts inspect and test all second hand and remanufactured engines to make 100% sure that they are in proper working condition. The inspection of all our Iveco recon engines include block crack inspection, leak, crankshaft reconditioning, compression and starting tests to ensure your safety as our top most priority.

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Iveco Engine History

Iveco stands for Industrial Vehicle Corporation that is an Italian auto mobiles manufacturing company involved in the manufacturing of busses and trucks along with other industrial vehicles and now days some cars too. Iveco is based in Turin, Italy and is completely controlled and managed by the Fiat Industrial group of Italy. Iveco is exclusively involved in manufacturing, designing and building of light, medium and heavy large commercial vehicles, commercial and construction site vehicles and buses including intercity and city designs. They also design and build fire fighting trucks and vehicles exclusively for the off-road missions like military and civil defence vehicles. The brand name of the company as Iveco was initially unveiled in 1975 in result of a grand merger of Italian, French, and German brands. The Iveco corporation has its manufacturing sites in different countries such as China, Russia, Australia, Africa, Argentina, Brazil and in some European countries with almost 5000 sales points in more than 160 countries of the world. Iveco corporation is enjoying an output of 1.5 million commercial vehicles around the world. Iveco Company was incorporated in January of 1975 with the merger of five different brands including the Fiat (Fiat Veicoli Industriali) of Turin Italy, OM (Brescia Italy), Lancia Veicoli Speciali Italy, Unic France, and Magirus-Deutz from Germany. After the merger of these five industries the new born Iveco rationalised its range of products, production and manufacturing plants along with a solid sales network but they also retained their original brands. Iveco has introduced 200 basic models and six hundred versions of heavy trucks which include 40 tons of GVW and the 2.7 tons GVW light trucks from 1975 to 1979. The Daily was the first light vehicle commercial truck launched by the Iveco in 1978 and originally conceived as light industrial vehicle with reliability and structurally very strong and solid. Though the production line of the Iveco was only based on the manufacturing of vehicles but in 1980 they started producing the Turbo Diesel engines for heavy industrial vehicles for the first time. The Iveco Corporation heavily consolidated their corporate strategy in 1980 towards the brand promotion and they finally led to the sponsoring of Mega sports events such as the Moscow Olympics 1980 and the Davis Cup of 1982 and some Amazon events in 1983 were Iveco was the exclusive sponsor. Iveco- Fiat PC 4x4 has the feather in its cap for circling around the World Globe however two new divisions are also available including the Bus engines and fire fighting vehicles. Turbo Star heavy on roader was the top selling brand in Italy and exclusively important contestant in the European market with the sales of more than fifty thousand units in a year. In 1985, Iveco launched the direct injection based light diesel engine followed by the Iveco Ford Trucks in 1986 due to the equal-share joint venture of the Ford with Iveco. This joint venture took over the sales and production of the main stream vehicle range of Iveco and the Ford Cargo. Iveco has pulled out some new engineering techniques in engine management with the EGR to reduce the Pollution and CO2 emissions of the commercial vehicles. The Iveco Group has purchased 60% shares and control of the Spanish Industrial Company ENASA, and owned the industrial vehicle producer Pegaso. A widely modified range of EuroCargo, EuroTech, EuroTrakker and the EuroStar vehicles with totally facelifted range was introduced by the Iveco Group in 1990. The International Trucks Australia (ITAL) was took over by the Iveco in 2001 and renamed as Iveco Trucks Australia Limited in 2001. The Iris Bus was bought by Iveco in 2003 and a joint venture with the Renault was also made up in 2003. The emerging new powertrain technologies by the Fiat group developed in 2004 and were incorporated with the Iveco engines. The Iveco Corporation made the agreement with the Chinese SAIC (shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) and the group also sponsored the Mega Gaming event of Olympics in Turin with 1200 vehicles (Iveco Iris Bus) and they become the official sponsors of All Blacks (rugby team of New Zealand). They supply the vehicles and truck for the MTO GP 2009 along with the sponsorship of Ferrari Racing Team. The PETRONAS De Rooy team and the Dutch driver Gerard De Rooy won the 33rd edition of Dakar Rally on the behalf of Iveco.

Iveco Iveco Eco Daily Engine Iveco Eco Daily Average rating: 5 4 0