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Jaguar is a leading auto manufacturer and has always presented high performance, state of the art, powerful engines with maximum efficiency. If you are searching for high quality replacement engine for your Jaguar vehicle then you are at the right place. We are one of the biggest suppliers of replacement Jaguar engines in the UK. We carry huge variety of petrol and diesel engines for all types and models of Jaguar. As a manufacturer, Jaguar symbolize sophistication, exciting performance and cutting-edge technology in engine manufacturing. In these tough economic times, replacing a problematic Jaguar engines is a viable option your vehicle. Our experts inspect and test all second hand and remanufactured engines to make 100% sure that they are in proper working condition. The inspection of all our Jaguar recon engines include block crack inspection, leak, crankshaft reconditioning, compression and starting tests to ensure your safety as our top most priority.

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Our experts help you find replacement Jaguar engine at affordable price that sounds good for you and your budget. When it comes to reliable and high performance engines for sale, we are on the top in every aspect. We maintain strict quality control from inspection to testing and replace every little faulty part during the engine re-conditioning process. That's how we specialize in delivering fully functioning Jaguar reconditioned engines to our valued customers both in the UK and around the world.
Get engine for your Jaguar from our highly experienced and trained specialists to avoid any hassles and save your time and money.

Jaguar Engine History

Jaguar was founded by Billy Lyons in 1922 in partnership with his neighbour in Blackpool, UK. Initially, they started producing side cars for the motorcycles but they were aware of the importance of its design and style. These cars were striking and attracted a lot of interest and healthy sales. They gradually turned towards the cars with stylish bodies on very exclusive chassis. The best known Little Austin VII was the first model that Jaguar introduced in open and saloon versions with the eye catching styles and popularity was up to the mark. The SS model was introduced in 1931 and the production of engines and chassis for the SS models proved the efforts of Lyons as striking and led the company one step forward as a standard motor company. The low rakish bodies were the main factor in performance but they had some problems that prevented them offering the promise. The SS models were renamed as SS Jaguar in 1935 when the brand name Jaguar was adopted. The matchless performance of the SS100 car was really stunning with the great new looks, it was dropped from the Jaguar line up during the war due to some obvious reasons and the company became only the Jaguar Cars. Lyons and his engineers then developed a new engine with the dual overhead camshaft configurations that proved their great technical creditability and it was a brave move in the engineering of engines. After the war, they introduced several models with the excellent chassis and new engines. The Jaguar was ready to introduce new engines in the sports cars with the great performance and these engines gained some useful publicity. The XK 120 and the new XK engine stole the 1948 Motor Show. They designed the sensational and beautiful ultra modern two seater open body with the great feel of comfort and practicality that was equipped with a powerful engine with racing performance on the road. In the year 1950, the Jaguar introduced another successful saloon christened as Mark VII, meanwhile the XK was making the great name for the Jaguar and itself on the racing tracks of the world with the great breakthroughs for the young man Stirling Moss. The roadster was joined by the fixed head coupe and the drop head coupe XK 140 range in 1954. Supreme publicity was gained by the Le Mans racing and Lyons was gritty to win this contest. The years 1951 and 1953 were great and lucky for the Jaguar when they won several events and took famous victories. Following the C-Type, the D-Type, often dubbed as an aircraft on the wheels, missed a winning debut by seconds but proved itself a winner for consecutive three years after in 1955, 1956, and 1957. The Jaguar E-Type was launched exclusively in 1961 in the Geneva Motor Show and developed a great sensation as the XK 120. 4.2 litre Jaguar engine was introduced that replaced the 3.8 litre engine in 1964, however in 1967 the series two models were introduced with the upgraded styles. In 1968, the all new saloon, XJ6 was introduced based on Sir William's masterpiece with the extra powerful XK engine. The V12 engines were introduced in 1971 to enhance the reputation of Jaguar in engineering integrity and innovation. These V12 Jaguar engines were used in E-Type and known as the 3 Series with the availability in only the roadster models. The XJ-S was dropped and the XK8 was launched in the '90s in the E-Type however the XKR was the supercharged version based on the entire aluminium structure.

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