Suzuki Suzuki Engine Suzuki Average rating: 5 4 0
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Engines For Suzuki

Suzuki Suzuki Alto Engine Suzuki Alto Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki Grand Vitara Engine Suzuki Grand Vitara Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki Ignis Engine Suzuki Ignis Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki Jimny Engine Suzuki Jimny Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki Liana Engine Suzuki Liana Average rating: 5 4 315
Suzuki Suzuki Supercarry Engine Suzuki Supercarry Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki Swift Engine Suzuki Swift Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki SX 4 Engine Suzuki SX 4 Average rating: 5 4 735
Suzuki Suzuki Vitara Engine Suzuki Vitara Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki Wagon R Engine Suzuki Wagon R Average rating: 5 4 -10
Suzuki Suzuki X 90 Engine Suzuki X 90 Average rating: 5 4 315
Image Models Price (From)
Suzuki Alto Engine £-10
Suzuki Grand Vitara Engine £-10
Suzuki Ignis Engine £-10
Suzuki Jimny Engine £-10
Suzuki Liana Engine £315
Suzuki Supercarry Engine £-10
Suzuki Swift Engine £-10
Suzuki SX 4 Engine £735
Suzuki Vitara Engine £-10
Suzuki Wagon R Engine £-10
Suzuki X 90 Engine £315
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Suzuki Engine History

Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Works in 1909, in Hamamatsu Japan and a leading Japanese Silk industry was the main customer of the Suzuki Built weaving looms however in 1929, Suzuki invented a modern weaving machine and they export it as well to the other countries. Meanwhile Suzuki filed more than 120 patents and utility model rights. Production of modern and complex machines and development of further advance machinery was the main focus of Suzuki for their first thirty years. The Suzuki Company was looking to diversify their business to get more benefits from different products whereas their Looms were enjoying the real success. Michio Suzuki decided to start with the small cars because of their demand in the market, new car venture was started in 1937, and they swiftly started enjoying the peaks of success with the completion of several compact car prototypes and made it real with the help of a then-innovative, liquid cooled and four stroke engine that was based on four cylinder assembly. The engine was a compact unit with cast aluminium crankcase and gearbox. It was capable of producing 13hp of power from a displacement of just 800cc. Government declared civilian cars a non essential commodity after the World War II and resultantly, all production plans of the Suzuki were halted and they were pushed back into the production of looms, however the cotton shipping approval from US government to Japan was the turning point for Suzuki's fortune and their business was boosted up and the orders from the domestic textile market increased however it was a short lived story of success that ended in 1951, when cotton market collapsed. It was time to turn back towards vehicle production business and they did it to face the massive challenges after the war. Japan was the country that was in a great need of reliable personal transportation in affordable range. In 1952, Suzuki built up a double sprocket gearing system bicycle with one horsepower engine and pedals, offer the riders to get multi ride experience. That system was very imaginative and resourceful and the patent office of the new domestic government granted the Suzuki a subsidy to continue research in the motorcycle engineering, that was the birth of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki was capable of producing more than 6000 motorcycles per month and officially announced their name as Suzuki Motor Co Ltd in 1954, following the success of its first motorcycle. Even more successful automobile was created by Suzuki motors under the label of Suzulight in 1955. The Suzulight was introduced in different trims including front wheel driving system, all wheel driving system, and independent suspension. It was introduced with the rack and pinion steering system. These features were very unique in cars even three decades after those models. Suzuki Motor Corporation sold their 19.9 percent shares to Volkswagen Group in 2010 and entitled the Volkswagen AG as largest shareholder in the Suzuki Motors.