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VW is a leading auto manufacturer and has always presented high performance, state of the art, powerful engines with maximum efficiency. If you are searching for high quality replacement engine for your VW vehicle then you are at the right place. We are one of the biggest suppliers of replacement VW engines in the UK. We carry huge variety of petrol and diesel engines for all types and models of VW. As a manufacturer, VW symbolize sophistication, exciting performance and cutting-edge technology in engine manufacturing. In these tough economic times, replacing a problematic VW engines is a viable option your vehicle. Our experts inspect and test all second hand and remanufactured engines to make 100% sure that they are in proper working condition. The inspection of all our VW recon engines include block crack inspection, leak, crankshaft reconditioning, compression and starting tests to ensure your safety as our top most priority.

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Our experts help you find replacement VW engine at affordable price that sounds good for you and your budget. When it comes to reliable and high performance engines for sale, we are on the top in every aspect. We maintain strict quality control from inspection to testing and replace every little faulty part during the engine re-conditioning process. That's how we specialize in delivering fully functioning VW reconditioned engines to our valued customers both in the UK and around the world.
Get engine for your VW from our highly experienced and trained specialists to avoid any hassles and save your time and money.

VW Engine History

About the history of Volkswagen (VW) cars it is the fact that it is the best car ever, in 1930s, Adolf Hitler was looking for someone who could manufacture a low cost vehicle, affordable for the common German workers. Ferdinand Porsche was the man who was busy in research and development for the cost effective cars that can hold up a small family and still give the feel of a real car. It was the time when only rich people can own a car and most companies were not interested in making a cheap car. Because the Porsche was famous for the designing of cars for others at that time so they were unable to find their desired company to produce a cheap car. However Hitler certainly not learned to drive, he was extremely concerned in cars, he also produced the autobahn, which show the way to the U.S. interstate highways. Hitler sought after the car to hold four people. It was to be cooled by air as an alternative of water. The car required to be quick to travel no less than 100 km/h, or in relation to 60 mph, and use no in excess of 7 liters of gasoline for 100 kilometres or about 40 mpg. No one in the Germany was ready to produce the car with these features. Adolf Hitler than decided to form a car company run by the government and it started producing low cost cars under the name of KDF-Wagen. It means that 'strength through joy' and some of the models were made up and than in 1938, it was closed due to the World War II. Factory started building Jeeps for military use. After the war factory again started producing cars but few in the specific time frame and the British military was the in charge of this section of the Germany. They tried to reinstall the factory and Henry Ford offered them to do it for free, but soon they realise that it was the wrong decision and then the Volkswagen group came ahead to produce the cars by their own. Heinz Nordhoff was the man who led the Volkswagen. Initially they produce only beetles however in 1950; the bus was introduced with the name of type 2 with the engine on the back of the vehicle. It was very popular and well known all over the world. Beetle became the most selling car later. Last beetle was built in the Mexico in 2004 and then it was refreshed with the new beetle that looks like the old beetle but very different in design. In 2005 Volkswagen introduced the fifth generation of the golf model, flag bearer model GTi with the VW DSG and FSI technologies. VW has evolved a long way since 80s but the fifth generation of their GTi finally fitted with the1600cc eight valve engines.

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