Cheap Prices For BMW 118i Engines, Supplied and Fitted


BMW 118i Engines for Sale

BMW all BMW 118i Engine N43-B20AY Average rating: 5 4 1195
BMW all BMW 118i Engine N46-B20B Average rating: 5 4 1495
BMW all BMW 118i Engine N46T-B20 Average rating: 5 4 1495
BMW all BMW 118i Engine N46T-B20BZ Average rating: 5 4 1495
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
N43-B20AY Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2006-2011 £ 1195
N46-B20B Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE N/A 2004-2007 £ 1495
N46T-B20 Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE Turbo 2007-2011 £ 1495
N46T-B20BZ Engine 2 Litre 2000 cc Petrol 4 CYLINDER INLINE Turbo 2008-2011 £ 1495

About BMW 118i Engines:

The second generation BMW 1 Series is a range of small family cars made by German automaker BMW since 2004. The 1 Series (F20/F21) range comprises three-door hatchback (model code F21) and five-door hatchback (F20) models.

Average Cost of Replacement for BMW 118i Engine:

The average replacement cost for BMW 118i engine is £2,195, however, the exact cost is quoted when you compare price for your 118i replacement engine. The cost differs for different types of replacement engines i.e. Reconditioned, Remanufactured or Low mileage used engines. The supply and fitting charges are extra which you’ll pay after the engine is replaced.

Common Faults of BMW 118i Engine:

The common issues with the engine of BMW 118i may include oil leakage from gearbox, fuel pump issues, engine overheating and noise from steering wheel, boost pressure issue, EGR valve issues, engine misfire and momentary loss of power. Clutch problems and sometimes engine light issues can also appear.

Types of Replacement BMW 118i Engines:

Reconditioned, Rebuilt or Remanufactured and Used engines are the replacement engines you may choose for your BMW 118i. If the engine of your car is not working properly, replace it. Compare prices for reconditioned, remanufactured 118i engines or low mileage used engines for BMW118i at our site and get a superb engine at low prices with no compromise on performance. Generally, the Remanufactured engines are considered as the best type of replacement engines.


Replacement Engines is the Best Online Site for Comparing Prices for BMW 118i Replacement Engine:

The Replacement Engines is UK’s No. 1 site for comparing prices for Reconditioned, Remanufactured and low mileage used engines for BMW 118i. Quotes are sent within a minute after you make price comparison and then our trusted suppliers will get you fantastic engines at cheap prices but with maximum output. Just compare prices with Replacement Engines for your 118i and get the right engine you want.


Warranty on Replacement BMW 118i Engine:

The duration of warranty depends upon the type of engine you choose i.e. Remanufactured engines are provided with greater warranty than Reconditioned or Used engines. Usually, the period of warranty for BMW 118i replacement engines is between three to six months but the exact information about warranty is quoted by our suppliers after you compare price.

BMW BMW 118i Engine BMW 118 Average rating: 5 4 0