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About BMW 1 Series Engines

The first-generation BMW 1 Series is a small family car manufactured by the German automobile producing brand, BMW since 2004. Available in 3-door hatchback (model code E81), 5-door hatchback (E87), coupe (E82) and 2-door convertible (E88) body styles, the 1 Series features a rear-wheel drive chassis.

BMW 1 Series’ Common Engine Problems

The engines of BMW 1 series are very efficient and powerful, however, some of the common issues may include lack of power, heavy engine vibration, amber engine warning light, rough idle, car goes into "limp mode", timing chain issues, clutch judder issues, engine idling, hurdle in gear changing and EGR valve faults.

Average Replacement Cost of BMW 1 Series Engine:

All the engines delivered or fitted by our trustworthy sellers are cheap and affordable with optimum performance. The information regarding replacement cost will be quoted by our sellers when you compare prices for BMW 1 Series replacement engines, but, the average replacement cost for BMW 1 Series engine is £2,195.

Which Replacement Engine to Get for BMW 1 Series?

There are three types of replacement engines i.e. Reconditioned, Remanufactured or low mileage Used engines. Remanufactured engines are expensive than Reconditioned or Used engines because they are superior and reliable. Compare prices for BMW 1 Series Recon, Remanufactured or Used engine and get the best engine which suits your car and your budget too.

How to find Reconditioned, Rebuilt or Used BMW 1 Series Engine?

You can find best performance and the cheap Reconditioned, Remanufactured and Used BMW 1 Series engines with Replacement Engines. Replacement Engines is the best platform where you can compare prices for BMW 1 Series engines. All the obligation quotes are sent to you within a minute and then our sellers get you the most suitable engine at lowest prices and extreme efficiency. Once you compare prices for BMW 1 Series replacement engine, you re directed to our suppliers, who provide you the perfect engine for your BMW 1 Series.

What about Warranty of BMW 1 Series Replacement Engine:

Yes, warranty is the most important factor kept in mind while purchasing anything. Of course, every engine supplied or fitted by our suppliers is covered under warranty. The exact time duration of warranty for BMW 1 Series replacement engine is quoted according to the condition and type of engine you are buying i.e. Reconditioned, Remanufactured or Used engine. However, the average time period of warranty for BMW 1 Series replacement engine is between six and nine months but you must confirm it from our sellers when you compare prices. So, visit Replacement Engines for replacement BMW 1 Series engines and get the engine which your car needs.

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