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BMW 3 Series Engines for Sale

A Bit About BMW 3 Series Engines

The BMW 3 Series is a competent product by the German automaker company, BMW. BMW has been working on this project since 1975. It is an entry level luxury car. It is a smart successor to the BMW 2 Series. It has been unveiled in six generations i.e. 1st Generation E21 (1975-1983), 2nd Generation E30 (1982-1991), 3rd Generation E36 (1992-2000), 4th Generation E46 (1998-2006), 5th Generation E90/E91/E92/E93 (2005-2013) and 6th Generation F30/F31 (2011-present).

Engine Problems in BMW 3 Series:

The BMW 3 Series is a car which not only gives you comfort but also reliability. However, certain problems have also been observed in this vehicle. These problems include: faulty fuel injection system, defective brake light, out of order power steering systems, airbag issues, noisy engine, problematic variable valve timing system, electrical problems and a few more issues.

Types of Replacement BMW 3 Series Engines:

If your engine is not working effectively then real justice is the replacement of engine rather than the replacement of car. Mainly, three kinds of engines are available for cars i.e. used, rebuilt and reconditioned engines. You don’t have to do anything tough except the comparison of prices for your BMW 3 Series engine so that you can grab the cheapest one.

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Warranty for Replacement BMW 3 Series Engine:

We are working for pleasing our customers and your satisfaction is our aim. That’s why we provide you the most appropriate engines after observing all your demands and budget. Without any doubt, remanufactured engines are the most expensive, therefore, their time period of warranty is also maximum. But the standard period of warranty for BMW 3 Series engines is between 6 months to 12 months depending on the present state and budget of your acquired engine.

So, come to us, compare the prices, purchase the engine and get complete peace of mind.

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