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Replacement Land Rover Discovery Engines for Sale

Land Rover all Land Rover Discovery 3 Diesel Engine 276DT Average rating: 5 4 3995
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
276DT Engine 2.7 Litre 2700 cc Diesel V TYPE 6 CYLINDER Turbo 2004-2009 £ 3995

Land Rover Discovery Engine Problems

No doubt, Land Rover Discovery is a smart and reliable car on the road but you may notice a few issues when you drive it. Few highlighted problems are: leaking of air springs, failure of power windows, exhaust leak, defective engine oil pan, improper functioning of thermostat, breakage of ignition key, overheating of engine and some other issues.

About Land Rover Discovery Engines

The Land Rover Discovery is an automobile produced by British car manufacturing company, Land Rover. It is a mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle. Its layout includes longitudinal front-engine and all-wheel drive. Five generations of this vehicle have been produced so far i.e. 1st generation which was revealed in 1989, 2nd generation was launched in 1998, 3rd generation came up in 2004, 4th in 2009 and finally, 5th in 2017.


Types of Replacement Engines for Land Rover Discovery:

In order to get a fantastic riding experience, the engine of your car must be in superb form. If it has undergone wear & tear and is creating trouble on the road, you got to replace it. You can go for a Used, a rebuilt or a reconditioned Discovery engine. To get a durable engine for your Land Rover Discovery’s, just compare the prices at Replacement Engines and avail the cheapest engine with high performance.

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Replacement Engines is UK’s top-ranked site that is fulfilling the needs of all its customers by providing them efficient engines for Land Rover Discovery according to their demands. All the workers of this site are honest and skilled in their work. You can easily check and evaluate all the prices of the engines accessible, in order to get the most economical one. Next step will be performed by our suppliers in which they will present to you all the best possible suggestions to help you select the most suitable engine. So, compare the costs of all the used, rebuilt and reconditioned engines and get the best one for your car without any delay.

Warranty for Land Rover Discovery Replacement Engine:

Your satisfaction is our priority that’s why we always try to provide well suited engines according to your budget and requirements. Indeed, remanufactured engines deliver better performance, therefore, our suppliers offer maximum warranty for them. However, the standard period of warranty for Land Rover Discovery engines is from 6 months to 12 months which largely depends engine’s condition.

So, visit us, compare prices and purchase the engine and without any inconvenience or hassle!

Land Rover Land Rover Discovery 3 Diesel Engine Land Rover Discovery 3 Diesel Average rating: 5 4 0