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Land Rover is a leading auto manufacturer and has always presented high performance, state of the art, powerful engines with maximum efficiency. If you are searching for high quality replacement engine for your Land Rover vehicle then you are at the right place. We are one of the biggest suppliers of replacement Land Rover engines in the UK. We carry huge variety of petrol and diesel engines for all types and models of Land Rover. As a manufacturer, Land Rover symbolize sophistication, exciting performance and cutting-edge technology in engine manufacturing. In these tough economic times, replacing a problematic Land Rover engines is a viable option your vehicle. Our experts inspect and test all second hand and remanufactured engines to make 100% sure that they are in proper working condition. The inspection of all our Land Rover recon engines include block crack inspection, leak, crankshaft reconditioning, compression and starting tests to ensure your safety as our top most priority.

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Our experts help you find replacement Land Rover engine at affordable price that sounds good for you and your budget. When it comes to reliable and high performance engines for sale, we are on the top in every aspect. We maintain strict quality control from inspection to testing and replace every little faulty part during the engine re-conditioning process. That's how we specialize in delivering fully functioning Land Rover reconditioned engines to our valued customers both in the UK and around the world.
Get engine for your Land Rover from our highly experienced and trained specialists to avoid any hassles and save your time and money.

Land Rover Engine History

Warwickshire County in the United Kingdom has the Headquarters of a world's most famous automobile company known as Land Rover; the Gaydon is hosting this four wheel drive vehicle specialist company. Land Rover is part of Jaguar Land Rover Group and is a subsidiary of TATA Motors India. Land Rover has the title of being second oldest all wheel drive vehicle manufacturers in the world, Jeep was the first. Land Rover basically was the model name only that was specifically used by the Rover Company for its one specific vehicle model launched in 1948. Rover Company, afterwards, permanently changed their all wheel vehicles manufacturing line as Land Rover and it developed, by the passage of time, into a marque including the Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport along with the Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover made its debut into the world's all wheel drive market back in 1948 with great simplicity and brilliant design that was second to none in durability and strength added with off road ability. You might not believe that even after seven decades there are more than one third of all those incredible models still doing their job and most of them have an extreme and sophisticated place on the earth. The first model of Land Rover was cleverly designed and engineered for acute off road capability and strength however this model was a live example of robust engineering and manufacturing with the short front and rear overhangs and born to be on the earth in seriously extreme conditions ready to take on toughest terrains of the world. Land Rover is now aged and is developed in a sophisticated manner but it has all the abilities that its parents had 65 years ago. It has all those capabilities but they are now very polished and refined to make Land Rover as unique as it was in 1948. It is the result of continuous evolution and development in 60 years that Land Rover has improved its stability and shortened its turning circle to keep its lead in the market of emerging four wheel drive vehicle segment. Land Rover has the toughest and reliable mobility platform with countless businesses depending on Land Rover vehicles. Land Rover has now entered into the second decade of 21st century and the businesses like Biosphere Expeditions and Royal Geographical Society are still relying on Land Rover and its capabilities. Let's have a look on the timeline overview of Land Rover since its beginning in 1947 when the chief of Rover's designing department and his fellows created the prototype for Land Rover using the Jeep chassis and they made this prototype into the real Land Rover next year and officially unveiled Land Rover at Amsterdam Motor Show in April, 1948. Land Rover launched their Series II in 1958 followed by the Series IIA in 1961 however, Rover Company became a part of Leyland Motors Ltd as the Rover Triumph. Land Rover then introduced the Range Rover in 1970 and Series III in 1971 but in the 1975 BL collapsed and they announced to treat the Rover as separate entity within the company and Land Rover achieved the milestone of million vehicle production. The Range Rover was introduced in the US market in 1986 and the Rover Group was privatised in 1988 and became the part of the British Aerospace. They introduced the Discovery in 1989 however it was taken over by BMW and it was the introduction of second generation Range Rover. In 1997, the Free Lander was introduced and in 1998, the second generation of Discovery. In 2000, the Range Rover group was sold to Ford for 1.8 billion British pounds but the succession track of the company was still endless and they introduced third generation of Range Rover in 2002 and the Discovery LR3 in 2004, followed by the Range Rover Sports in 2005. In 2008, Ford sold the Jaguar Land Rover to TATA Motors of India, meanwhile the company has introduced the fourth generation of Discovery LR4 in 2010 and Range Rover Evoque in 2011. The fourth generation of Range Rover was introduced in Paris Motor Show 2012.

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